Kong: Skull Island Review

It has been over a month since I last used this and I’m really sorry for that, I have a hard time with motivating myself to do anything. But enough about that, onto the review.

So I was at Disenyland a few days ago and I decided to take a break from the park. But instead of marching back to my hotel room like a sane man and napping the time away, I decided to go see Kong: Skull Island in IMAX at the Downtown Disney Theater.


Walking into this film, I expected a re-telling of the original King Kong but with an Apocalypse Now twist to it. While it certainly does have the Apocalypse Now twist to it, this isn’t a re-telling so as much as it is a re-tooling, taking an old story and shaking it up with something new.

The premise is basically the same, some white dude needs money so decides to arrange an expedition to a mysterious island that is home to King Kong. And that’s where the similarities end because Kong: Skull Island tells a story that’s less Humans vs Kong and more Humans vs Skull Island with King Kong just minding his own business.


For the most part.

Speaking of Skull Island, the monsters on display in the movie are some of the most imaginative I’ve seen. I[‘m not gonna spoil it for you but it’s a LOT more creative than the dinosaurs of previous films. I was genuinely excited to see what would pop up next and what our intrepid humans would have to face.

Speaking of humans, some can be dull like the side marines on the journey, but the main cast of Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Lawson, Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman, and John C. Reilly are all fun in their roles and are a blast on screen. They play the usual roles you find in Kong movies (with the exception of Jackson, whose character is ripped straight from Apocalypse Now, and Reilly who plays an entirely new role) but they generally tend to have a fun and entertaining twist to them that will keep you involved in their struggle to escape Skull Island.


And that leads me to the action set pieces themselves which are just plain fun, from the initial battle with Kong until the very end, Skull Island had plenty of exhilarating moments that I will not spoil because of how cool they are but are totally worth the price of admission.

All in all, Kong: Skull Island is a film  that was a genuine surprise to me, it did something unexpected with the Kong story and deserves to be applauded for it. All in all I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10, it’s not gonna change the entire concept of the monster movie but it certainly refines it. Oh, and stick around after the credits, there’s a surprise that genuinely caused dropped my jaw.



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