Whatever Happened to Ganon? (or One Of My Only Two Problems With The Latest Zelda)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game i friggin love and I’m unashamed to admit it. I always try to pull myself away from it’s world or its characters yet it always pulls me back in, even after I’ve defeated the main villain, Ganon.

But with that I have my real problem with the game, Ganon as a character kinda sucks in tin Breath of the Wild. Renamed Calamity Ganon here (surprisingly not because he’s part of Nintendo’s country music act) Ganon just roars a lot and summons monsters, that’s it, it’s all he does throughout the entire game. Never says a word, never hints at any emotion other than hatred and I’m gonna be honest it makes him very one-dimensional.


Granted the NES or SNES takes on Ganon weren’t much better with him being a footnote until the very end where he appears, mocks you, and then dies or puts his hoof up your ass. But then the N64 era rolled around and while Zelda and Link were generally forgettable heroes, Ganon stole the friggin show. Both with his grand sense of style, I mean look at this architecture


…to him tricking you not once but twice, the first time being in order for him to gain the magical macguffin of world domination and the second time being to lure out Princess Zelda and capture her. This shows Ganon as more than a monster but as a man, one capable of tricking and deceiving you but not without an overconfidence streak as it’s the only reason you could defeat him.

Then Wind Waker rolls around and suddenly we see a more sympathetic Ganon, one who seems tired of what he’s doing as he’s doing the only thing that gives him life anymore. But even the reason for doing it, benefiting those that he rules over, is gone with time as they abandoned him. It’s caused Ganon to become admittedly tired and sad until the very end where he even loses his goal and becomes driven by his fury and tries to kill Link and Zelda. It’s a very somber and reflective ending as we see kind intentions turn to madness.


But that’s kinda where Ganon should’ve gone away from the series; in Twilight Princess his presence is very unneeded and adds nothing to the plot. While in Breath of the Wild Ganon is just a big scary beast for the Link to slay, nothing more. Frankly I think it’s time for a new villain to take the center; Ghirahim, Majora, Vatti, and Yuga prove it ca work. We’ve already thrown off the yoke of old Zelda tropes with Breath of the Wild, who’s to say that we can’t do it again with the villain?


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