Why Destiny 2 Seems To Be An Improvement With Only Three Minutes

As someone who sat around a Gamestop at 9:00pm PST in 2014 just to get my hands on Bungie’s latest game Destiny, I was pretty hyped for it. How could I not, the game looked slick and promised to be fun as hell with vast worlds to explore and a story to get lost in, and given that these guys created Halo, I believed them.

What I got however was a half-baked, boring, and tedious shooter that disappointed me to no end. The story was unfocues, with new elements randomly introduced and dropped while possessing a tone that would make Shadow the Hedgehog (the game, not the character) burst out in sheer laughter with how stupid it was. The open worlds were dull and lifeless, and most of the shooting consisted of tight corridors and chest high walls. The idea’s were great, but the execution left me disappointed, oh and the grimore cards pissed me off because I had to go to Bungie.net just to get crucial backstory where most games would give me an in-game codex.


So when Bungie dropped their teaser  “Last Call” for the next game, Destiny 2, I took a look out of curiosity and what I got actually interested me. Here was a funny and cynical character recapping the idea that the very place you got used to in the first game got burned to the ground. This character was Cayde-6 and with him the series seemed to have found one thing it was sorely lacking; a character who takes a look at this super serious story with super grim heroes and goes “BOOOORRRRING!!!” And decides to fuck around and have a good time. It’s what made characters like Sergeant Johnson and the ODST’s from Halo stand out, characters who weren’t super grimdark assholes in spite of the fact that the world was burning around them.

Granted Halo was never shoved up it’s own ass like Destiny was but it was nice to see them making changes. The second trailer, “Rally the Troops” only confirmed this by seeming to fix the convoluted story; where Destiny’s villain wasn’t revealed until the very end of the game, Destiny 2 seems to rectify this by stating that the games main villain this time is the Cabal. Plus the trailer makes you understand the stakes better; the Tower, your home in Destiny is gone, wiped from the face of the Earth by winners of the Galaxy’s largest ugly contest. Knowing that your home, a place that you have a connection to, is gone, makes me want to grab a rifle and start killing the bastards who did it.

So within three minutes Destiny 2 has seemed to address my biggest problems with the first; lack of any real fun element, and the lack of focused narrative. Now whether the gameplay will be fixed remains to be seen but come May 18th we’ll have an idea for sure, I for one, am actually optimistic about Destiny’s future.





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