Mega Man: The Legacy Collection 2 Is Missing Something…


For those not keeping up with games media; today Capcom announced the follow up to the hit 2015 re-release; Mega Man: The Legacy Collection. This new collection; Legacy Collection 2, compiles the more obscure and later Mega Man games in this beloved franchise, Mega Man’s 7-10. Now I’m a big fan of Mega Man, so I was pretty stocked when I woke up and it was the first thing on my twitter timeline.

But as I looked through the Collection, something felt off to me, like there was a piece missing in this collection and I couldn’t figure out why. It had the games that should’ve been in the original Legacy Collection but I couldn’t shake this feeling that they forgot something, so I took a look on the Mega Man Wiki and I realized that there is a console Mega Man game they forgot about; Mega Man and Bass.


For those not familiar with this game, Mega Man and Bass is the last game in the classic series for a whopping 11 years, being released in 1998 and followed up in 2009. The game follows series protagonist Mega man as he is forced to team up with his rival Bass to defeat a robot uprising that is totally not a precursor to the Mega Man X series. That sounds like an interesting Tag Team mechanic is on the cards but in reality it just means that you have tow separate characters to play as, Mega Man and Bass.

But how did this game get forgotten in the first place if it sounds like it had an interesting idea to work with? (Even if it was stolen from Mega Man X4) I could blame the blatant asset swap, two of the bosses from Mega Man 8 return; or just how hard the game is. But Mega Man has always been guilty of using the same style since the start and difficulty is par for the course in Mega Man, even if Mega Man and Bass can be a bit unfair at times. But the very likely culprit is the games limited release as Mega Man and Bass was only released in Japan during 1998 and even then it was only released on the Super Famicon. A console that wasn’t just surpassed by the next gen of consoles but was two generations behind given the Sega Dreamcast released the same year.


Oh and this was on the way….

Now Mega Man and Bass was given a 2003 international port on the Game Boy Advance, but the game’s screen is about a third of the 1998 original and that takes a sometimes unfair game into an outright impossible game given that you can’t see the same things coming that you could in the 1998 original.

For those who want to play the original there’s good news on multiple fronts. First importing the game from Japan is and option and if you own a SNES 2 then region locking is non-existent. But if you want an English version then fans have gone ahead and translated the game using the GBA translations which you can either emulate on your PC or for a more authentic experience get a reproduction cartridge. Or, ya know, wait for the Mega Man Spin-Off Legacy Collection which I’m almost sure will be a thing as Mega Man Soccer, The Power Fighters, Mega Man Battle and Chase, Super Adventure Rockman, and the Portable Games remain unaccounted.


Feel free to forget about the Tiger Electronics Game though…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be here, waiting for the day Capcom makes the Mega Man X Legacy Collection.






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